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Welcome to the latest version of The Distopians, meg studer’s blog for tinkering with ideas of topoi¬† – rough, polished, convergent, divergent, written, graphic, etcetera.

Indebted to the rhetorical contours of pastoral ‘sites’, the tradition of utopia/dystopia, and the science fiction fabulations of ‘worlds’. . . the agenda here is merely to ferment observations on the everyday environment, as constructed and constructive.

Be forewarned, I’m a generation off the farm, a generation after the mines, and a recent Midwest/Rust-Belt transplant, so those shadows and shift are inevitably inflecting (if not directing) my attention.

  • the historical intersections of state statistics and material culture,
  • the discursive shift from ‘common landscapes’ to ‘micro-infrastructures’
  • and the issues facing the rurban fringe/depopulated rural environments.